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Blackfury is a transmedia project that is naturally turned towards animation by the dynamics of its graphic processing, moreover, streaming platforms have already shown interest in the tv series project.

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Making-of Blackfury

Let yourself be transported by this exclusive making-of! Between the genesis of the project, inspirations, and artistic direction tinged with black and gold, a new door opens into the world of Blackfury.

The anime


(story over 2 episodes)

The seasons of the animated series are chronologically before the beginning of Volume 1 of the comic strip. Season 1 begins when Shide is collected by the Ultimate Peace Organization to become Blackfury (end flashback of Volume 1 of the comic).

Think about a Batman ninja under stéroids or Madmax fury road and the elegant and mysterious atmosphere of a Blade runner,


Shide incorporated the U.P.O hoping to avenge Ginda, his adoptive mother, and the other warlike shamans. However, the secret organization puts its plans ahead of Shide’s motivations, who became Agent Blackfury and had to abide by the rules. The agent called Sky, in charge of supervising him, does not trust this newcomer who obeys only a code of honor inherited from his childhood.

1st arc : SHIDE'S ANGER

Obsessed with his revenge against the Styx, Shide will have to deal with the orders of the U.P.O and its new partner Agent Sky.
The new agent will have to learn to channel his anger to master his armor and not fall into the traps of the Styx.


The various missions that Blackfury will lead are all connected; the Styx barons are preparing something big, but what?

And after that? We have a season 2 ready + cross-overs


Author's statment

New evil, new hero

Blackfury embodies a superhero of a new kind, an out-of-category «hyper» hero, a fusion between the spirit of the samurai and the most advanced nanotechnology. A futuristic warrior with extraordinary bone and muscular densification qualities combined with strange and advanced combat techniques, he is equipped with an armor cut from the most resistant material in the universe, menta-graphene, a black material controlled by the mind.

Contrary to the many examples of the solitary superhero, the Eurasian orphan couple formed by Blackfury and the intrepid Sky Chen holds an important place in the plot, which will only grow in the course of the adventures. A choral work with many characters, Blackfury evolves in the midst of a Shakespearian family drama with a narrative rich in Homeric combats, beautiful women, mutant creatures, and a few touches of humor...

This « neo-comics universe », while retaining its great classical values, merges the multiple universes of world pop culture, imbued at the same time with the serial tradition of pulp comics and Japanese prints.

With elegance in the action. With the spirit in the plot.

Located in a distant future, the SciFi world of Blackfury echoes our own with some pop discrepancies that will always be fun to discover. The fusion of genres and the offbeat tone contribute to a dynamic and captivating story, but also serve its prophetic universe. Between MadMax Fury Road and Blade runner, this post-Google world resonates constantly between millennial traditions (warrior shamans, the Katarsian Empire), fantastic creatures (the Lion of the Mountains), and ultra-high technology (Blackfury armor, weapons, spaceships) The hybrid universe of Blackfury thus offers a new and offbeat proposal that will seize your attention.

An internationally recognized artist-illustrator, Stéphane Goddard proposes here an unclassifiable graphic universe, a marriage of traditional graphite drawing and digital: at once refined, powerful and minimalist. The look of Blackfury merges the Spartan helmet with the Asian typology of proud Mongolian warriors. His massive statue with the feline looks of a high-tech ninja gives him a posture worthy of classic American superheroes. This goes perfectly with the finesse and Eurasian ultra-femininity of the sumptuous Agent Sky Chen, delivering us an incredibly stylish shock duo. The elegance of the silhouettes and the sophisticated designs contribute to creating dynamic compositions. The cinematographic atmosphere, the work of the deep blacks, the variations around gold and bronze, inspired by Samurai armor, invite us to plunge into a beautiful and fascinating world.


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This the birth of EveryOne Entertainments.

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Blackfury has been conceived since its creation as a real universe with drawers from which multiple stories and characters can evolve separately from the mainframe. 

For example, Shide’s youth, raised by warrior shamans and subjected to many trials, or when, as an adult, he joins U.P.O and begins his first missions on the eight continents of Katarsis. Also, each volume of the manga is structured like a feature film, underlined by the chrome of its graphic style. 

This allows us to work on transmedia versions coming, animation and video games, mobile games, tv shows, figurines, object designs while maintaining the values and the characteristic look of Blackfury. 

The elegance of the line and the career of Stéphane Goddard also allows atypical partnerships for the world of Blackfury, not refusing any extravagant idea. Blackfury is here, let yourself be carried away!

Manga national launch in France this 10th of October 2020


10-inch action figure


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